Welcome to our newly remodeled online home.

Our original website, built in 2002 when Matt joined his father Jerry in the family firm, boasted an eye-catching flash intro of a house under construction that culminated in our logo. There was scant content beyond that first impression, and the few pictures we posted of our projects were taken by Jerry’s 35mm camera. Lucky for us, as one of the earliest remodeling firms online, PodestaConstruction.com popped up on top in search results.

By the time Matt had assumed Jerry’s role as president in 2008, we’d outgrown our original site’s constraints. We renovated our website to make it more search and user friendly, adding professional photos of current projects, client testimonials, and press about the complexity and sophistication of our award-winning project designs.

Eight years later, as Brandan segues from lead designer to licensed architect, we’ve agreed to launch a more extensive makeover. We’ve rebranded our logo and redesigned our website to be compatible with the prevailing mobile friendly world, the better to showcase our custom design/build services and process.

We invite you to step inside and take a tour of our projects to see the beautiful homes we’ve created for our clients.

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