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Matt Podesta and his team installed a beautiful roof deck atop our home on Potrero Hill and, thereafter, renovated the entire ground floor of our home, transforming it from a standalone, studio apartment into a two-bedroom, one-bath wing (with a wine cellar to boot) that was completely integrated into the rest of our home.

Jill and Drew

We partnered with Gast & Associates for our third project together to create a new rooftop deck atop this North-facing Potrero Hill home to take advantage of the amazing views of the San Francisco skyline. Construction involved relocating plumbing vents, electrical elements and solar panels, as well as engineering the deck to transfer loads to exterior walls or other existing structural systems. Bison levels to support the deck joist system were finished with Mecheche, a Brazilian hardwood. We installed a new custom metal railing and post system with stainless steel cable rails, and constructed a new interior stairwell to access the roof.

During the course of this project the owners decided to renovate their ground floor 2nd unit to function as an extension of the main home. We relocated bedrooms, partially remodeled the bathroom, and built a new kitchenette, a mudroom with built-in cabinets and a climate-controlled wine room.

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  • 2012 NARI Award Residential Exterior

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