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Rosewood Drive, San Francisco

Addition and Bathroom Remodel


It is not often that one sings their contractor’s praises. With Podesta, however, our prolonged construction process was executed with professional calm. This family-run business set a professional tone with workers, sub-contractors, collaborators and customers, and the results were spectacular. With honesty and fairness as core elements, each sub-contractor and worker strived to do their best, listened to complaints or change-requests with the intent to please, and executed to achieve a top quality outcome. We hope to be back for more.

Julie and Harry

We changed the architectural style of this Monterey Heights house to create a more balanced and functional front entry and gain space for a large family room over the garage that seamlessly fit in with the home’s existing floor plan. For an earlier phase of this remodel, we updated the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms for beauty and functionality.

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